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"Revolutionising Health" - Our Tag Line

Rass & Rosh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Is

  • High on MCTs
  • High on Lauric Acid
  • High Smoke Point
  • Superior Processing Method : Improved Centrifugal Process
  • Guaranteed Zero Heat
  • Non Genetically Modified (NON-GMO)
  • 100% Wet-milling, highest levels of anti-oxidants
  • No chemical solvents used in processing
  • No hydrogenation or trans fats
  • No Refining
  • Low Glycemic Index (Low GI food)
  • Made from fresh Organic Coconuts
  • It is a natural coolant.
  • It takes relatively long time to undergo digestion.
  • Improves hair quality and strength. Promotes hair growth.
  • It is a natural aphrodisiac
  • Nourishes the under-nourished body tissues
  • Useful in the treatment of certain diseases like emaciation, debility, respiratory conditions, diabetes, urinary system disorders.

Coconut oil for skin: Quickens wound healing and helps in filling up of skin depression in wounds.

Extra virgin coconut oil is comprised of medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, that you could say are the most recognized ingredients of plant based saturated fats. The most recognizable of all the MCTs is lauric acid. Besides extra virgin coconut oil, lauric acid is found in breast milk. Rich in antioxidants, lauric acid and other MCTs, may help the body absorb important nutrients and minerals, eliminate harmful bacteria, and fight the signs of aging.

Professional athletes have long been using coconut oil as fuel to build lean muscle. Adding coconut oil to a smoothie, can increase your feeling of fullness and satiety for longer periods of time. Mediterranean diets receive lots of attention for the connection between health and the use of olive oil. In tropical countries where coconut oil has been consumed daily for hundreds of years, similar reports of overall health are beginning to be reported as well.

Lastly, scientific research is further looking into the connection between extra virgin coconut oil and brain function. Over time, glucose inhibitors can limit the amount of energy to the brain, causing a decrease in cognitive function. Consuming regular amounts of coconut oil however, can lead to ketone production, and the brain uses ketones as energy when glucose is not present, helping restore brain activity.

Coconut oil is new to many people but it is much like olive oil. Extra virgin coconut oil is extracted from the meat on the insides of the coconut through a cold-expeller press. The coconut oil is a stark, bright white color and has a fresh coconut smell. The taste profile of coconut oil is light and sweet, with subtle hints of actual coconut. The flavor is wonderfully versatile in both savory and sweet dishes. What surprises most people is that coconut oil can change between a liquid and solid state very easily. Whenever the temperature is above 76 degrees Fahrenheit, coconut oil will be liquid. Below 76, coconut oil is a solid. Coconut oil differs from olive oil, in that most of the fats in coconut oil are saturated fats, such as lauric acid, but coconut oil benefits from not having trans fat or cholesterol.

Improved Centrifugal Method

The technique adopted by RASS & ROSH is an improved centrifugal method, which involves absolutely zero heat at any juncture of the procedure. This procedure utilizes the most advanced equipment in order to function in line with the highest standards of extracting the purest form of Virgin Coconut Oil.

The term "Virgin Coconut Oil" clearly implies that the product is one that should have undergone minimal unnatural processing or none at all. Coconut meat and milk by itself contains organic virgin coconut oil. However, the fermentation method used for the extraction of virgin coconut oil may take up to one whole day. Meanwhile, this advanced technology allows the extraction to be carried out within only two hours. This organic procedure of extraction is speeded up by the usage of centrifuges, maintaining the properties and components of the virgin coconut oil. Centrifugation is a technology which allows the sedimentation of mixed particles, assorting them accordingly, resulting in the extraction of pure or better known as extra virgin coconut oil.

Regardless of how exceptionally brilliant the method of extraction or processing of the virgin coconut oil may be, the root of obtaining the best Virgin Coconut Oil still takes us back to picking out the best nuts. In putting our best foot forward to provide virgin coconut oil of the highest standards, we ensure that the selection process is done by experts abiding to several stringent requirements.

These coconuts are then de-shelled and cut into minute pieces in order to be grated into much finer shreds. In this process, paring - removal of the brown testa from the coconut meat is not done as the testa is believed to have high percentage of Vitamin E and antioxidants which confers numerous health benefits in comparison to coconut kernel oil.

Our improved centrifugal method is then used in extracting the coconut milk followed by filtration to remove any form of impurities present in the milk. The procedure is then followed by a series of centrifugation whereby the force involved would break the emulsion on the surface of the coconut milk to extract the coconut oil. This system allows a quick separation of the oil and water which forms the emulsion, leaving the oil with lower density on top of the layer of water with higher density. No heat is applied at any point of the extraction procedure as heat would contribute to the denaturation of protein particles.

As our improved centrifugal method only takes up to two hours unlike the fermentation method which may take up to a day, there is minimal exposure of oil to air or bacteria which would lead to oxidation or affected quality of the oil.

Among the few reasons as to why EVCO by Rass & Rosh is of the best quality are:

  • The fastest extraction method used in extracting Virgin Coconut Oil allows the least exposure of the oil to air, minimizing the oxidization of the oil in turn lengthening the shelf life of the oil.
  • Due to the heat-free extraction process, the chemical and physical properties of the virgin coconut oil are kept a state closest to that of the natural oil within the coconut.
  • As there is no fermentation (bacteria exposure) or pressing processes involved, it is known to cause the least disruption to the virgin coconut oil molecules.
  • The removal of gum from the coconut oil leads to the production of 100% raw, extra virgin coconut oil without the glutinous texture.

Drink It

Mix it to your daily coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, oatmeal and breakfast cereals or take it by the spoonful. Anything you like!

Apply It

Apply Rass & Rosh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to your skin, scalp and as a whole body moisturiser. It works great as eye make-up remover and as sunblock too!

Cook It

Use it as cooking spray, saute with it, bake with it, use it as salad dressing, mix it to your dough. You can deep fry with it too! Anything works!

Oil Pulling

For oral hygiene, measure out 2 tablespoonful of Rass & Rosh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, swish it around your mouth for 10 to 20 mins. Spit it out (don’t swallow it), and you are one step closer to a healthier teeth, gum and fresher breath!